Cards Against Containers

A card game for people that think they know something about Kubernetes, Security, Containers, DevOps, or a combination of all that (let's be honest, they may be lying).

Don’t take this game seriously

We recommend at least 3 players, and a maximum of 10.

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Quick Instructions
Use the form above to create a new game, the first person to create the game becomes the dealer. When the game is created, 3 bots are also added. You can kick these bots out if you want, or if you only have a couple of people to play with they can help add some variety. They have no intelligence in what cards they play! Once the game is created, invite others to play with you, simply send them to this page along with your game ID and tell them to join. You really need a minimum of 3 players, and ideally 5-10.

As dealer, you'll see the question card. As players submit their answers you'll see these appear, and you can choose your favourite answer. You won't see who submitted what answer, so no bias! Once you submit your favourite answer, the round is complete and you'll see a new question. You don't have to wait for all players to submit their answers, so the game doesn't need to wait if someone needs to actually do some work. The game does need to wait for the dealer though, so make another player a dealer before going AFK!

As a player, you'll see the question card as well as your own 10 answer cards you can choose from. Choose the answer you prefer, and hit submit. You can resubmit your answer if you change your mind, but once the dealer chooses their favourite answer the round is ended. The answer you submitted disappears and is replaced by a new answer to choose from.

If you do experience any issues, try refreshing the page or reach out to us with your bug report!

Continue playing until you get bored. We recommend playing this 'live', so via Zoom, Webex, Teams, etc.

Please share your favourite combination - #CardsAgainstContainers