Cards Against ________

A card game for people that think they know something about Kubernetes, Security, Containers, DevOps, or a combination of all that (let's be honest, they may be lying).

Don’t take this game seriously

How to Play

This game was created while we are on stay-at-home orders, and we hope it brings the community together for a laugh while you are socially distancing! It isn't perfect, but we hope it's still enjoyable and we'll continue making improvements. To enable a bit of fun and team spirit, jump on a video call with several friends / acquaintances. You can also try play asynchronously or via Slack, that would probably work too.

The person to create a game becomes the dealer. You can change that once you get playing, but initially it's allocated to the game creator. Once you get a game id, share it with your friends, family, acquaintances or colleagues. As soon as they join, their answer cards along with the question is visible to them. Each player will need to read the question / fill-in-the-blank sentence and submit their anwers. We encourage people to select the funniest answer. The dealer can choose a winner before all players submit (in case someone lots their internet, got distracted by actual work, or just wandered off), so iit makes sense to play over Zoom / Webex / Teams / etc, so you can check-in with all the players. When you initially create a game there is a text box to share a link to the online meeting.

If playing over video, the dealer should read the question out loud, although everyone will see it in their browser too. When the dealer selects the finniest answer, again this should be read out so everyone can hear, although again all players will see the last question and answer when the next round starts.

Number of Players

You generally need at least four players to play. There's (currently) no upper limit to how many people can play, but it's most fun with 6–8 players and you can lock the game if you don't want anyone else to join. The cards have been designed to be PG, so generally suitable for players of all ages. Content is somewhat technical, so children under 5, salespeople and managers may not understand the content. Recruitment consultants can’t read anyway, so they probably shouldn’t play.

When Will It End?!?

Play until you're sick of it, bored of the people you’re playing with, or if your free 40 minutes on Zoom times out. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins (isn’t that obvious? This isn’t golf!). You should never run out of cards as they do get recyclced, so at some point you'll start seeing things get repeated.
For more information, please re-read these instructions. If you have any questions, commands, concerns or you want to submit your own questions, you can do so at the following GitHub repo.

Please share your favourite combination - #CardsAgainstContainers